Welcome to Nashville

I’ve always loved Nashville, so when I got the chance to move here for an internship it was a dream come true.

My parents and my sweet boyfriend offered to help me move.  We made the 10 hour drive Monday and Tuesday and immediately started exploring when we got here.  I’m getting to stay in a high rise apartment complex right in the heart of Downtown Nashville.  It’s definitely a little different than Velma, Oklahoma.  After we got moved in we headed straight for Broadway.  Lunch at Rippy’s was BBQ, live music, and open windows  The weather is gorgeous, sunny and in the low to mid 80s.  After lunch we went to Tootsie’s, my dad’s favorite place in Nashville.

Tootsies Orchid Lounge

Tootsies Orchid Lounge

Wednesday I got to go to the station for the first time and meet Justin, the morning meteorologist I will be working with.  It was quite a treat, the studio is gorgeous and everyone was extremely friendly.  I’m obviously way excited to get started next week!  Then it was time to get some groceries, as you can imagine my dad was calling me constantly saying “I’m hungry, I’m hungry!”  photo%203We all piled in my car and went to the Farmer’s Market, I had done some research and couldn’t wait to get my groceries there.  Fresh strawberries (to die for) jellies, pickles, everything you could need.  After getting everything back up to my apartment (I park 6 floors below ground) it was back to Broadway for more live music!  But, of course we had to make it back to my apartment in time to watch Nashville, the TV show!

Since we finally had groceries we had breakfast at home Thursday morning then it was off to explore!  We toured Vanderbilt and Belmont then did a little shopping.  We met a really nice sales associate at the mall who gave me an entire list of restaurants to try all around the city. We took his advice and went to the 12 South area to Burger Up.  It’s in a super trendy “up and coming” part of town.  The beef was all local and they made everything themselves including the ketchup!  I apologize if you get hungry reading this, we did a lot of eating out this week.  We had dinner downtown at Merchants, it was by far the most delicious place we’ve had in Nashville so far!  Then it was time for a carriage ride through downtown with all the lights…


Burger Up

From Tennessee,
Shelby Hays


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