All on my own

I absolutely loved having my family here to help me move and get settled in, but I understood that they had to eventually leave.  They woke up really early Saturday morning and made the trek back to Oklahoma before the storms got going.  

But now what was I supposed to do?  I cleaned the apartment, sat on the balcony, cleaned the apartment again.  I was already lost.

I decided to go for a run…. A great reminder that I’m not in Oklahoma anymore, there are SO many hills in Nashville.  I got an alert from the app that I use congratulating me on my highest elevation climb ever.  It sure was pretty though.


Cumberland River

After my run I realized pretty quick that I am already missing the trainer that I use in Norman, so I did a little research and signed up for a bootcamp for Sunday.

Barry’s Bootcamp, to be honest I was so nervous I thought I might be sick waiting to go inside.  They have locations in Hollywood, New York, London…. Nashville.  They train Kim Kardashian and word has it when Carrie Underwood is in town she visits the Nashville location.  Check it out.  It turned out to be absolutely awesome, loud music, dim lights, and a trainer that understood it was my first visit.  I’ll definitely be heading back soon. 1,000 calories burned in 1 hour… I can handle that!

But now, it’s time to get everything around.  I’ve calculated that I need to go to sleep around 5 or 6pm tonight to get on schedule to start interning the morning show tomorrow!


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