First week on the job

Wow, what a week it has been both here in Nashville and back in Oklahoma. I have a lot of feelings/thoughts about everything that happened in my home state this week but I don’t think I’m quite ready to write about them.  Therefore, I’ll stick to the happenings in Nashville for now.

This was my first week at WKRN- News 2 here in Nashville!  A new market, a new city, a new station… so many opportunities to learn.  My wake up call is something that will have to be learned as well… 1 AM.  Yep, that’s right… I’m interning for the morning show.  Some may think that sounds terrible, but morning shows are so much fun.  I had the chance to work with the morning show back in OKC as well, everything is more laid back and your personality truly gets to shine in the morning.  And another positive in my mind for the morning show is that you get to talk more.  With a three hour show I can’t even count how many weather hits there are.

Okay, so Monday I was at the station by 2:30am… it didn’t take near as long to get from my apartment to the station as I had expected.  It was a fun day of meeting everyone and getting a taste of the personality of the station.  They have a web chat during a couple of the commercial breaks during the shows and the anchors welcomed me right in on those the very first day!  I was absolutely not expecting that!  Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, it was such a wonderful day at work.

After staying up nearly all night trying to cope with what was going on in Oklahoma I was back at the station at 3 Tuesday morning.  And I was welcomed by yet another big surprise.  The producer wanted me to be on air… talking about the devastation in Oklahoma.  1: I will never say no to being on air. 2: I will never pass up a chance to brag about Oklahoma. 3: in television, you do whatever your producer wants. So I obviously said yes.  During the 5am and the 6am show one of the anchors and the morning meteorologist interviewed me.  We first just talked about Moore and the devastation and of course the Oklahoma Spirit, then in the second show we talked about tornado precautions…  I had never thought about it, but not everyone has done hundreds of tornado drills in their lives.  So that is what we talked about in the second interview.  This time I not only got to brag about Oklahoma, but about my hometown.  We are so fortunate to have a safe room on the school grounds large enough to hold all the students as well as the rest of the people in town.

News 2 Interview on the 5am show

News 2 Interview on the 5am show

No rest for the weary, back at it Wednesday morning and it was back to learning for me.  Since I have already had such a long internship I already know how to build graphics and get everything ready for a show… Justin, the meteorologist I’m interning for decided I would probably get bored during a three hour show every morning so I have started doing some online learning.  It’s actually pretty cool.  During the show I did a couple of the modules online and then afterwards I got to practice on the green screen for the first time this summer!  I have a lot of learning to do about Tennessee.  I’m so used to talking about the panhandle, southern Oklahoma, and the winds.  Now I have to get used to saying Middle Tennessee and the Cumberland Plateau.  Oh, and I’m not in Oklahoma anymore… the wind doesn’t come sweeping down the plains.

My early morning work week is only Monday-Wednesday.  So Wednesday afternoon I did a little exploring.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do so I just started driving.  I ended up at a mall, are you surprised?  It was actually really cool, most of the stores I had never heard of and all the sales associates were extremely nice.  I even met some people who had moved out here from Oklahoma.

Today, Thursday I didn’t have to be at the station until 9:30.  Talk about sleeping in!   When I got there I was able to meet the other intern, she will be a senior in the fall as well.  Then we spent some time talking and then just practiced away on the weather wall.  Getting more comfortable every day!  After a little over an hour of that I was done for the week and it was off to the Zoo!

News 2

News 2

News 2

News 2

I was one of the few people there without a stroller, but I loved just being outside and seeing the animals. Then this afternoon it was time for a run…. you know, down to Luke Bryan’s condo.

Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo


Staring at the city lights,


One thought on “First week on the job

  1. Shelby,

    I am so excited for you and so proud of you!! Props to you for challenging yourself with a new city and new weather patterns. I have absolute faith that you are going to do a fantastic job! I’m excited to follow your blog and your career. You are doing incredible things, my friend!

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