Local Weekend


Friday I argued back and forth with myself over going to workout at bootcamp.  I didn’t want to go at all.  I finally forced myself off the couch and went.  And as always everything happens for a reason!  I met a girl, Ericka, who was attending class for the first time.  She walked straight over and started talking to me.  I know this all sounds silly, but when you’re in a new town and don’t have anyone to hangout with… this is big news.  We hit it off, sweated through bootcamp together, and then exchanged numbers afterwards.


Saturday Ericka invited me to the pool with her friends. After trying on every single swimsuit that I brought to Nashville, I finally met up with them!  After the pool they took me around Nashville to the local hotspots.  We went to East Nashville to 3 Crow and 308, both very unique and nothing like the “Nashville” we as out of towners think of.  308 was so diverse that a woman in her wedding dress was celebrating her special night there.  It was quite interesting.  Then we went to midtown to another bar before calling it a night.  Throughout the night I had to start making a list of all the pointers they were giving me about places to go. I’m  so thankful to have met them, and excited for more adventures in “local” Nashville!





Sunday was for resting… or at least that was the plan.  I guilted myself into going to bootcamp even though it was a different trainer than the one I had been using.  I ran out in the middle of the workout looking for a trash can… all I could think of was the 2 a day softball practices during the Velma Picnic.  It was workkkk.


Today it was back to work.  Bright and early into the station.  A few minutes before the show started the producer grabbed me and took me to the other side of the studio.  With the holiday, it turned out that we were short staffed and they actually needed me!  I ran the teleprompter for the entire morning show.  As I sat down exclaiming that I had never done this before and asking questions, our morning anchor, Niel, so lovingly says “my life is in your hands today.”  Nothing like a little pressure to get your blood moving at 4 AM.  It went great, of course, always learning new things!


After work, it was time to move.  I stayed in the same building, just moved to a bigger apartment. I had worried in the previous days about the move… I would miss the gorgeous 20th story view, how would I move it all by myself, I can’t get in until 5PM which is when I actually need to be going to sleep.  Why do we worry?  My new apartment turned out to be on the corner, so now I have gorgeous views in every room.  It only took me 3 trips with the buildings big cart to move.  And when I got back from work this morning at 10:30 they already had it ready for me.  Worrying is worthless.



I leave you with a quote that appeared in my planner today and really spoke to me.


“When I thought I couldn’t go on, I forced myself to keep going, my success is based on persistence, not luck.” -Estee Lauder


From the corner apartment,
Almost a local,



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