Time is Flying… Too Fast

Another week has come and gone and my time in Nashville is just going by way too fast.

Over the past week I’ve spent a lot more time working on the green screen, being critiqued on my work, and working some more.  I’m so excited to be learning and working on my resume tape.  My dream of becoming a meteorologist is getting closer every day!  As I continue working on my resume tape I’m realizing how truly blessed I have been so far in my career.  Many students are only able to have one internship before graduation, but my two years at News 9 gave me so much insight into the business and skills I could’ve never learned in school.  And then I think about OU Nightly.  So many times I would leave our college station talking on the phone to my mother about how everything had gone wrong and how hard I had worked for nothing.  But as I take a bigger look at things… It’s been a true blessing.  I’ve had almost four years of experience working in LIVE television, and I’m still in college.  My professors at OU nightly have been the best mentors a girl could ever ask for.  So thankful.

Bob Dickey - OU Nightly

Bob Dickey – OU Nightly

I’ve done a little more sightseeing (mainly restaurant seeing) trying to test everything out.  And then going back to bootcamp to work it all off!  It’s funny how after just 2 full weeks at the new gym I feel accomplished and I’m just truly in love with the people and the workouts.  I’m already contemplating how to get them back to Oklahoma.

Barry's Bootcamp Full Body

Barry’s Bootcamp Full Body

I think I had mentioned before that I have Friday’s off.  Well this past Friday was my first job shadow for the summer.  I left Nashville at 3AM and headed for Memphis.  It turned out to be quite the drive as I had to drive straight through some very heavy storms.  But once I was there, it was all worth it.  I shadowed Ron Childers, I got to the station at 7 that morning.  He had cut-ins to do for the next few hours but he was also doing the noon show that day so I was able to hang out with him in between shows and during the shows.  He had so much advice and was really going out of his way to accommodate me and help with my future.  It means so much when people are willing to do that.  He introduced me to literally every person in the station, it was quite a treat.

Andrew Douglas, Shelby Hays, and Ron Childers WMCTV - Memphis, TN

Andrew Douglas, Shelby Hays, and Ron Childers WMCTV – Memphis, TN

On my way back to Nashville, I was instructed by a sweet friend that I had to stop in this little town for pie.  Small town… and pie…. How could I say no?  It was divine, the picture absolutely doesn’t do it justice.



I spent my Friday evening watching the devastation unfold in Oklahoma City as I’m sure most of you did.  I went through so many emotions that evening that I don’t even know how to express them all.  So I will just say this.  NEVER try to outrun a tornado.  Or a storm that could produce a tornado.  You will not win.

I spent Saturday and Sunday resting up for what will be a VERY big week here in Nashville. CMA Fest.  It still doesn’t seem real that I’m actually going to be here for the biggest week in country music!

From Tennessee,


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