Surprise Mema!

Last week I got to surprise my Mema by coming home for the weekend!  My brother is working on his pilot license so he and his instructor flew to Nashville and picked me up on Wednesday and took me back home.  My Mema was playing with Sloan, my niece, when we got back.  So my sister-in-law kept her at their house waiting for us.  Using my brother saying that he was almost home.  When I walked in the door she just looked at me for a minute… almost as if she thought she was seeing things.  Then she realized it was really me and started squealing!  It was so much fun!


We all went to dinner and celebrated our successful surprise!  After that I went to visit my Mr Speckles… he has gotten FAT!  Then it was to the movies with boyfriend.  I was up for 24 hours straight… it took a few days to get over that!

Mr Speckles

Mr Speckles

Thursday I got to check the oil wells with Dad and then we went to the lake! (Texoma) We did a little fishing over the weekend and a lot of relaxing!



Many faces of Sloan

Many faces of Sloan

Sunday my brother flew me back to Nashville so I could get to bed for another week of morning shows!


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