2013 AMS Broadcast Conference

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to attend the 41st American Meteorological Society Broadcast Conference… yeah long name.  My friend Olivia flew out to Nashville to attend with me!  She just got her first job doing weather in Macon, GA!  Big props to her!  But anyways she flew out late Tuesday and I took her down to broadway to hear some music and grab some BBQ.

Wednesday the conference began and we were able to hear James Spann give the opening talk.  For those of you who do not know him, he’s the Chief Meteorologist at the ABC affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama.  And for my Oklahoman’s, he’s the Gary England of this area.  Check him out on twitter @spann he has over 100,000 followers.  His talk was about the lessons learned from the Tuscaloosa tornadoes. And let me tell you… It was motivating.  I had chills through most of his talk. Oh and by the way…. I get to go down to Alabama and do a job shadow with him next week!  We listened to talks and demonstrations all day, it was a fantastic learning opportunity!  I also finally got to meet Carrie Rose.  She was an intern for Gary England back in 2004 and then began working for him.  We’ve kept up with each other over the past few years since I’m sort of following in her foot steps, but it was fantastic to finally get to meet her!

Carrie Rose

Carrie Rose

Olivia and I went out to lunch… I took her to my favorite restaurant here in Nashville, Whiskey Kitchen.  Seriously everything I have tried there is fantastic!  But while we were out to lunch I saw a tweet from Carrie…. Gary England, himself snuck into the conference and was doing a talk during lunch.  I was so sad to think that I had missed him.  Luckily, he came back!  It’s pretty cool to look up to someone for so long… work for them, and still love them!  Getting to see Gary was fantastic, and take a look at this photo!

Shelby Hays, Gary England, Carrie Rose, Gary Lezak

Shelby Hays, Gary England, Carrie Rose, Gary Lezak

Gary’s intern gang!  You all know I interned, well Carrie interned back in 2004 and Gary Lezak in 1988.  Such a fun group of people and I’m so thankful to have them all as mentors now!

Thursday was fantastic as well with many many informational talks. I also got to meet a lot more people, meteorologists from Colorado to Wisconsin. Fantastic people!  And also got to meet Mike Bettes from the weather channel and hear his story about how he got caught in the El Reno tornado.  Quite scary.  So happy the conference just happened to be in Nashville while I was here.  Definitely something I plan to attend in the future!


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